Serious play time : toronto & copenhagen children's photography

What fun we had on a gorgeous Copenhagen Sunday morning last weekend! Felicity and Lyndon were a delight and they played hard - not a moment without jumping, swinging, running, climbing, balancing or laughing! Thanks for having me out to enjoy one of your last days in Copenhagen Iona - best of luck in your new surround!2012_Scott_004-web 2012_Scott_063-web 2012_Scott_079-web 2012_Scott_061-web 2012_Scott_017-web 2012_Scott_011-web 2012_Scott_029-web 2012_Scott_195-web 2012_Scott_167-web 2012_Scott_190-web 2012_Scott_245-web 2012_Scott_319-web 2012_Scott_310-web 2012_Scott_445-web 2012_Scott_454-web 2012_Scott_466-web 2012_Scott_467-web 2012_Scott_481-web blog_sco1 2012_Scott_409-web 2012_Scott_414-web 2012_Scott_507-web blog_sco3 2012_Scott_556-web blog_sco2