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As soon as I walked into the apartment on Saturday morning I just got this great feeling. There was a calm and peace and happiness and warmth, the sun streaming through the windows and everything just glowed. Little Carlo was fast asleep in his crib and his daddy showed him to me with pride and love. A perfect new little being, just 10 days old. We relaxed together for a couple of hours and captured just a little slice of this little guy's life. Thanks Simona, Alberto and Sofia - it was my absolute pleasure to meet you and Carlo and spend the afternoon together!2012_bitossi_002_BW-web 2012_bitossi_006_BW-web 2012_bitossi_027_BW-web 2012_bitossi_044_BW-web 2012_bitossi_054_BW-web 2012_bitossi_060_BW-web blog_bit1 2012_bitossi_067_BW-web 2012_bitossi_113_BW-web 2012_bitossi_108_BW-web blog_bit2 2012_bitossi_082_BW-web 2012_bitossi_192_BW-web blog_bit3 2012_bitossi_259_BW-web 2012_bitossi_223_BW-web 2012_bitossi_235_BW-web 2012_bitossi_244_BW-web blog_bit5 2012_bitossi_270_BW-web 2012_bitossi_280_BW-web 2012_bitossi_286_BW-web blog_bit4 2012_bitossi_301_BW-web 2012_bitossi_350_BW-web 2012_bitossi_364_BW-web 2012_bitossi_369_BW-web 2012_bitossi_503_BW-web 2012_bitossi_476_BW-web 2012_bitossi_159_BW-web 2012_bitossi_145_BW-web

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