Candy : toronto & copenhagen children's photography

Sweet as candy was little Abigail on a Copenhagen Saturday morning. Take a look and I think you will agree!h2o is going truly international this spring, not only operating in both Toronto and Copenhagen, but also starting to see Toronto clients IN Copenhagen and hopefully vice versa as little Abigail is moving to Toronto! (BTW I'll be in Toronto June 14-23 and already starting to book - so contact me now for your session!). Aldo and Rena - it was a pleasure to meet you and I hope your relocation from this one great city to another goes smoothly! ;O) 2012_bae_041-web blog_bae1 2012_bae_084-web 2012_bae_265-web 2012_bae_254-web blog_bae5 blog_bae4 2012_bae_286-web blog_bae6 2012_bae_277-web blog_bae7 2012_bae_302-web blog_bae3 2012_bae_438-web 2012_bae_478-web 2012_bae_468-web 2012_bae_462-web 2012_bae_165-web 2012_bae_153-web blog_bae2 2012_bae_205-web blog_bae8 2012_bae_373-web blog_bae9

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