Local park : toronto & copenhagen children's photography

After a month-long break from blogging, I'm pleased to be back with a post of my little guy at our local playground. Winter has finally arrived here in Copenhagen, and the new year has brought the challenges of moving into a new home (new for us anyway!) but promises a little more time to relax and hopefully to 'play' some more with the camera! Enjoy a few pics of our romp in the park below!2012_cph_0185_BW-web 2012_cph_0186_BW-web blog_2012_cph1 2012_cph_0290_BW-web 2012_cph_0284_BW-web 2012_cph_0224_BW-web 2012_cph_0254-BW-web 2012_cph_0270_BW-web 2012_cph_0263_BW-web 2012_cph_0168_BW-web 2012_cph_0174_BW-web 2012_cph_0235_BW-web 2012_cph_0234_BW-web blog_2012_cph2 2012_cph_0182_BW-web 2012_cph_0193_BW-web 2012_cph_0199_BW-web 2012_cph_0202_BW-web 2012_cph_0293_BW-web 2012_cph_0297_BW-web 2012_cph_0303_BW-web