Ben and Archie : toronto & copenhagen family photography

One more post from my most recent trip to Toronto in November - yet another adorable little boy! This time it was Ben, running around with his little friend Archie at the park, in the playground and on the beach. He loved taking Archie for a walk, and Archie also seemed to love taking Ben for a walk too as they traded the lead! Thanks Karen and Derek - great to meet you and to spend a sunny November morning with you!blog_hutch2 2011_hutchison_244-web 2011_hutchison_186-web 2011_hutchison_113-web 2011_hutchison_127-web 2011_hutchison_278-web 2011_hutchison_268-web 2011_hutchison_315-web blog_hutch3 2011_hutchison_161-web 2011_hutchison_441-web 2011_hutchison_453-web blog_hutch1 2011_hutchison_330-web 2011_hutchison_334-BW-web 2011_hutchison_403-BW-web 2011_hutchison_397-BW-web 2011_hutchison_391-BW-web 2011_hutchison_380-BW-web 2011_hutchison_359-BW-web 2011_hutchison_353-BW-web 2011_hutchison_412-web 2011_hutchison_037-web 2011_hutchison_046-web 2011_hutchison_049-web 2011_hutchison_016-web 2011_hutchison_484-web 2011_hutchison_487-web

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