Double trouble! : toronto birthday cake smash photography

Sweet little Lateen got a double layer cake to smash! We worked hard on this cake to make it absolutely perfect and she was thrilled and knew exactly what to do with it! What a great first birthday celebration. Happy first birthday Lateen!2011_al-abdulkader_158-web 2011_al-abdulkader_167-web 2011_al-abdulkader_169-web 2011_al-abdulkader_173-web 2011_al-abdulkader_193-web 2011_al-abdulkader_220-web 2011_al-abdulkader_231-edit-web blog_alabk2 blog_alabk4 blog_alabk3 2011_al-abdulkader_292-web 2011_al-abdulkader_033-web 2011_al-abdulkader_034-web blog_alabk1 2011_al-abdulkader_032-web