In the running : toronto & copenhagen kids photography

Look out Avry - you have competition! A couple of days ago I posted Avry and claimed he had the best smiles a little toddler could offer, but here is Adley - and he is vying for the title! Another million perfect and adorable smiles from this little guy - through a foray to the park, in the back yard, and a delightful first birthday cake smash! Adley, who you may remember from his newborn session a year ago, had SO MUCH FUN! Great to see you again Ranjit and Nab - thanks for having me - can't wait until next time!2011_dhanjal-sherif_056-web blog_ds2 2011_dhanjal-sherif_120-web 2011_dhanjal-sherif_129-web 2011_dhanjal-sherif_152-web 2011_dhanjal-sherif_097-web blog_ds1 2011_dhanjal-sherif_029-web blog_ds3 2011_dhanjal-sherif_022-web 2011_dhanjal-sherif_006-web 2011_dhanjal-sherif_208-web 2011_dhanjal-sherif_210-web 2011_dhanjal-sherif_225-web 2011_dhanjal-sherif_234-web 2011_dhanjal-sherif_246-web blog_ds4 2011_dhanjal-sherif_333-web 2011_dhanjal-sherif_368-web 2011_dhanjal-sherif_377-web 2011_dhanjal-sherif_398-web 2011_dhanjal-sherif_411-web 2011_dhanjal-sherif_419-web 2011_dhanjal-sherif_421-web 2011_dhanjal-sherif_458-web