Cute : toronto & copenhagen baby photography

A second dose of cute coming from this family - little baby Kate (who was still inside last time) had plenty of smiles for us. She is little sister to Hailey, a wonderful and happy big sister! We had fun playing outside in the autumn leaves before heading inside for some snuggles with mum and dad. Great to see you again Meghan and Mike - thanks for having me!2011_jackson2_114-web 2011_jackson2_129-web 2011_jackson2_139-web 2011_jackson2_079-web 2011_jackson2_072-web 2011_jackson2_065-web 2011_jackson2_085-web 2011_jackson2_005-web blog_jack1 2011_jackson2_477-web blog_jack4 2011_jackson2_461-web 2011_jackson2_404-web 2011_jackson2_432-web 2011_jackson2_395-web 2011_jackson2_372-web 2011_jackson2_379-web 2011_jackson2_239-web 2011_jackson2_309-web 2011_jackson2_252-web 2011_jackson2_334-web blog_jack2 blog_jack3 2011_jackson2_288-web 2011_jackson2_302-web 2011_jackson2_176-web

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