How to smile : toronto & copenhagen maternity photography

Ok - I said it before and I'm happy to say it again: Avry put on a clinic on how to be the perfect 20-month old to photograph! He just couldn't stop looking at the camera and showing off his adorable smile! Avry is going to be a big brother very soon, and the new little guy will be in very good hands learning from his sibling. Check out beautiful mommy-to-be Erika too! Erika and Farhan, thanks again for having me - can't wait to meet the new addition one day soon!2011_thawar_327-web 2011_thawar_302-web 2011_thawar_308-web 2011_thawar_297-web 2011_thawar_275-web blog_t-r3 2011_thawar_186-web blog_t-r1 2011_thawar_213-web 2011_thawar_261-web 2011_thawar_225-web 2011_thawar_256-web 2011_thawar_031-web 2011_thawar_048-web 2011_thawar_059-web 2011_thawar_081-web 2011_thawar_009-web 2011_thawar_393-web 2011_thawar_415-web 2011_thawar_422-web 2011_thawar_430-web 2011_thawar_454-web blog_t-r2