Perfect : toronto & copenhagen kids photography

What a wonderful session with the fabulous, spirited Kasia! The sun shone perfectly for us as we played on the beach and in the fall leaves. We were so lucky to have a warm, sunny November afternoon. Great to meet you both Jenn! Thanks for a great afternoon!2011_tuck_382-web 2011_tuck_386-web 2011_tuck_339-web blog_tuck1 2011_tuck_004-web 2011_tuck_566-web blog_tuck2 2011_tuck_530-web 2011_tuck_539-web 2011_tuck_512-web 2011_tuck_491-web 2011_tuck_033-web 2011_tuck_065-web 2011_tuck_083-web 2011_tuck_164-web 2011_tuck_146-web 2011_tuck_144-web 2011_tuck_143-web 2011_tuck_243-web 2011_tuck_249-web 2011_tuck_178-web 2011_tuck_189-web 2011_tuck_113-web blog_tuck3 2011_tuck_425-web 2011_tuck_429-web 2011_tuck_541-web 2011_tuck_736-web

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