Fun with Alex : toronto & copenhagen kids photography

So happy to have met Alex last Sunday morning. We had great fun playing around inside and out - he showed me his great running skills and how he loves to practice opening the garage door! Lovely to meet you Andrea and Rob - have a wonderful holiday season!2011_ager_207-web 2011_ager_230-web 2011_ager_262-web 2011_ager_250-web blog_ager4 2011_ager_320-web blog_ager3 2011_ager_376-web 2011_ager_388-web 2011_ager_394-web 2011_ager_453-web 2011_ager_414-web 2011_ager_471-web 2011_ager_477-web 2011_ager_423-web blog_ager5 blog_ager1 blog_ager2 2011_ager_201-web 2011_ager_195-web

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