Leaves : toronto & copenhagen children's photography

Surely the best thing about autumn is the leaves, and Henry knows it! We had a fun time 'organizing' the leaves in the front yard, and although the trike never got ridden, it was a great and handy thing to have around! Lovely to see you again Tara and Mark - can't wait to see Henry again!2011_kaasa_276-web 2011_kaasa_288-web blog_kaasa3 2011_kaasa_291-web 2011_kaasa_315-web 2011_kaasa_327-web 2011_kaasa_346-web 2011_kaasa_386-web 2011_kaasa_391-web 2011_kaasa_380-wen 2011_kaasa_043-web 2011_kaasa_054-web blog_kaasa1 2011_kaasa_232-web 2011_kaasa_243-web 2011_kaasa_219-web 2011_kaasa_199-web 2011_kaasa_163-web blog_kaasa2 2011_kaasa_148-web 2011_kaasa_083-web

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