Late summer romp : toronto & copenhagen children's photography

Amory had a lovely romp in the Dyrehaven with Isaac and Eliza. Highly recommended! We, too, had a lovely afternoon - thanks Alison and Brian for a fun bike ride through the park!2011_cph_04287-web 2011_cph_04306-web 2011_cph_04292-web 2011_cph_04296-web 2011_cph_04300-web 2011_cph_04301-web 2011_cph_04308-web 2011_cph_04295-web 2011_cph_04265-web

2011_cph_04264-web 2011_cph_04248-web 2011_cph_04281-web 2011_cph_04247-web