Peaceful soul : toronto & copenhagen newborn photography

This super special little guy finally arrived - much to the delight of his mum and dad - a whole ten days after he was expected. Spencer was a big little guy, weighing in at 9lbs, but he is 9lbs of cute, peace and happiness. He wasn't exactly sleepy during our session but he was quite contented and such a pleasure to meet. Congratulations Lindsay and Reuben - enjoy these precious early days.2011_Bowerman-Munnee_053-web 2011_Bowerman-Munnee_061-web 2011_Bowerman-Munnee_074-web blog_bowmun1 2011_Bowerman-Munnee_067-web 2011_Bowerman-Munnee_006-web 2011_Bowerman-Munnee_009-web 2011_Bowerman-Munnee_085-web blog_bowmun2 2011_Bowerman-Munnee_167-web 2011_Bowerman-Munnee_174-web 2011_Bowerman-Munnee_227-web 2011_Bowerman-Munnee_225-web 2011_Bowerman-Munnee_203-web 2011_Bowerman-Munnee_200-web 2011_Bowerman-Munnee_122-web 2011_Bowerman-Munnee_145-web blog_bowmun3