Worldwide PhotoWalk 2011 : toronto & copenhagen photography

I was honoured to be chosen as leader for a Copenhagen version of the 2011 Worldwide PhotoWalk. As part of this year's WWPW, there were 1,116 photowalks taking place around the world on October 1 and 2, and 27,924 walkers registered. What a great turnout! Here in Copenhagen, the two days of this year's summer happened to fall on that weekend and we were stunned by the hot temperatures, the sunny blue skies and the masses of people who took to the streets to enjoy it. Thanks to the great bunch of people who joined in on our walk and captured a bunch of fabulous images. Here's a few I got...2011_wwpw_077-web 2011_wwpw_115-web 2011_wwpw_164-web 2011_wwpw_144-web 2011_wwpw_048-web 2011_wwpw_028-web 2011_wwpw_133-web blog_wwpw2 2011_wwpw_085-web blog_wwpw1 2011_wwpw_184-web 2011_wwpw_188-web 2011_wwpw_204-web