The very next day : toronto & copenhagen couples photography

I was lucky enough to visit again with this bride and groom on the evening after their wedding! Friends and family abounded again, though everyone was perhaps feeling a little more tired after a 5am bedtime the night before! That didn't stop the cocktails from making the rounds however, nor did it stop the smiles and fun. Thanks again Ailish and Bernardo! It was lovely to spend the weekend with you!2011_murphy-bbq_183-web 2011_murphy-bbq_190-web 2011_murphy-bbq_200-web 2011_murphy-bbq_209-web 2011_murphy-bbq_231-web 2011_murphy-bbq_228-web 2011_murphy-bbq_243-web 2011_murphy-bbq_166-web 2011_murphy-bbq_335-web 2011_murphy-bbq_262-web 2011_murphy-bbq_299-web 2011_murphy-bbq_019-web 2011_murphy-bbq_016-web blog_murb1 blog_murb2 2011_murphy-bbq_028-web 2011_murphy-bbq_086-web 2011_murphy-bbq_149-web 2011_murphy-bbq_421-web 2011_murphy-bbq_425-web 2011_murphy-bbq_360-web 2011_murphy-bbq_355-web 2011_murphy-bbq_386-web 2011_murphy-bbq_406-web 2011_murphy-bbq_409-web