Ailish & Bernardo : copenhagen & toronto wedding photography

Here's a MEGA-blog post dedicated to a beautiful August wedding - the marriage of Ailish and Bernardo. It was a fabulous day with a wonderful couple, a fun bridal party, funny speeches and happy, smiling people (how often do you see the parents of the bride do an Irish jig up the aisle?)! The threat of getting hit by a golf ball was very real, but we managed to avoid it. And, despite an iffy forecast, even the weather cooperated! Lovely, lovely day - thanks Ailish and Bernardo for having me out to join in the celebrations!2011_murphy_1256-web 2011_murphy_1283-web blog_mur1 2011_murphy_1546-web 2011_murphy_1560-web 2011_murphy_1617-web 2011_murphy_1663-web 2011_murphy_1643-web 2011_murphy_0568-web 2011_murphy_0561-web 2011_murphy_0580-web 2011_murphy_0598-web 2011_murphy_0616-web 2011_murphy_0622-web blog_mur9 2011_murphy_0134-web 2011_murphy_0160-web 2011_murphy_0166-web 2011_murphy_0172-web 2011_murphy_0182-web 2011_murphy_0222-web 2011_murphy_0120-web 2011_murphy_0071-web 2011_murphy_0079-web 2011_murphy_0037-web 2011_murphy_0053-web blog_mur2 2011_murphy_1345-web 2011_murphy_1366-web 2011_murphy_0831-web 2011_murphy_0807_crop-web 2011_murphy_0777-web 2011_murphy_1451-web 2011_murphy_1517-web 2011_murphy_1472-web blog_mur3 blog_mur4 2011_murphy_1685_crop-web blog_mur7 blog_mur8 blog_mur6 blog_mur5

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