Waiting : toronto & copenhagen maternity photography

So nice to meet this beautiful mom-to-be and to share in her excitement of baby on the way! You know how I love a white Copenhagen apartment, and the sun through the windows was perfect. Our first try in the out of doors was rained out, but we tried again a few days later and the light was lovely. Can't wait to meet your little one Lindsay and Reuben! Best of luck for a wonderful birth experience!2011_bowerman_191-web 2011_bowerman_180-web 2011_bowerman_204-web 2011_bowerman_185-web 2011_bowerman_243_crop-web 2011_bowerman_226-web 2011_bowerman_218-web blog_bow1 2011_bowerman_044-web blog_bow2 2011_bowerman_283-web blog_bow4 blog_bow3 2011_bowerman_519-web 2011_bowerman_388-web 2011_bowerman_378-web 2011_bowerman_402-web 2011_bowerman_356-web 2011_bowerman_462-web 2011_bowerman_478-web 2011_bowerman_432-web 2011_bowerman_428-web

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