Pool Party : toronto & copenhagen children's photography

Nearly a year on from our romp at the kite festival at the Beach with Eli, Finley and Poppy, I got to meet their wonderful cousins Lola and Charlotte, and their lovely aunts, uncles, grandparents and great aunts and uncles! The special occasion? POOL PARTY! This was a lot of fun - running and jumping and diving and splashing and sliding and elaborate water shooting devices - all powered by a short intermission featuring pizza. We were lucky to have a nice sunny afternoon in the end, after our rainy-day reschedule. Thanks Stephanie and Darrel! So glad we got to meet again!2011_hurst_894-web 2011_hurst_889-web 2011_hurst_913-web 2011_hurst_917_crop-web 2011_hurst_926-web 2011_hurst_821-web 2011_hurst_708-web 2011_hurst_760-web blog_hurst2 2011_hurst_897-web blog_hurst3 blog_hurst1 2011_hurst_1284-web 2011_hurst_1198-web 2011_hurst_1047-web 2011_hurst_1021-web 2011_hurst_1065-web 2011_hurst_1033-web blog_hurst5 2011_hurst_1163-web blog_hurst4 2011_hurst_1291-web 2011_hurst_1292-web blog_hurst6 2011_hurst_1252-web 2011_hurst_1331-web 2011_hurst_1261-web 2011_hurst_1341-web

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