Purple tutu : toronto & copenhagen baby photography

I hadn't seen Brooke since her newborn photo session, and this cutie is now a full-fledged little girl, purple tutu and all! Now this was one exciting session. We started in the park where Brooke displayed her amazing crawling skills and affinity for nature, and delighted in a few games of peek-a-boo with mom. We moved over to a delightful patch of black-eyed susans but something wasn't right. The sky was darkening and a calm fell - we all looked at each other to say 'time to go' and we ran for shelter seconds before a torrential downpour hit! We headed back to Brooke's house for some playtime in her bedroom and then a first birthday celebration cake smash. Brooke was tired, but she's a trooper and we made it through. Great to see you again Patti and Clint! Hope you enjoyed the cake leftovers!2011_ellis_316-web 2011_ellis_319-web blog_ellis3 2011_ellis_247-web 2011_ellis_179-web 2011_ellis_187-web blog_ellis4 2011_ellis_208-web 2011_ellis_116-web blog_ellis1 2011_ellis_091-web 2011_ellis_016-web blog_ellis2 2011_ellis_030-web 2011_ellis_039-web 2011_ellis_060-web 2011_ellis_131-web 2011_ellis_150-web 2011_ellis_326-web 2011_ellis_430-web 2011_ellis_429-web 2011_ellis_399-web 2011_ellis_413-web 2011_ellis_438-web