Upsidedown : toronto & copenhagen children's photography

So happy to see Connor again on the occasion of his first birthday! I got to photograph him as a newborn and again at 6 months, and now he's turned into a real toddler - waddling around and generally being adorable! Was thrilled we were able to make it outside this time too, as last time we were all ready to go out when Connor promptly fell into a deep sleep! Alas we made it to the park and had a fun time. Thanks Aimee and Martin - already looking forward to next time!2011_cheney-hufana2_138-web 2011_cheney-hufana2_135-web 2011_cheney-hufana2_104-web 2011_cheney-hufana2_150-web blog_ch2-1 2011_cheney-hufana2_012-web 2011_cheney-hufana2_009-web blog_ch2-2 2011_cheney-hufana2_185-web 2011_cheney-hufana2_216-web 2011_cheney-hufana2_097-web 2011_cheney-hufana2_413-web blog_ch2-3 2011_cheney-hufana2_438-web 2011_cheney-hufana2_445-web 2011_cheney-hufana2_281-web 2011_cheney-hufana2_285-web 2011_cheney-hufana2_334-web 2011_cheney-hufana2_465-web 2011_cheney-hufana2_493-web

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