Ice-cream truck! : toronto & copenhagen children's photography

Wow, someone likes ice-cream! Apparently only treated to the spoils from the truck once before, Helena knew ALL about what that sound was coming from down the road.... ICE-CREEEEEEAAAAMMM!!!!!!! While we did dedicate a good portion of our photo session slurping up the yummy stuff, we also go to play around in High Park and enjoy the playground too. Great to see you again Vince and Tanya - such a pleasure watching Helena grow up!2011_galante_638-web blog_gal3 2011_galante_674-web 2011_galante_410-web 2011_galante_418-web blog_gal6 blog_gal5 2011_galante_532-web blog_gal4 2011_galante_553-web 2011_galante_133-web blog_gal1 2011_galante_253-web blog_gal2 2011_galante_120-web 2011_galante_161-web 2011_galante_057-web 2011_galante_763-web blog_gal7 2011_galante_809-web 2011_galante_831-web

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