Too long : toronto & copenhagen newborn photography

It's been far too long! Since my last blog post, yes, but more importantly, since my last newborn photo session! It was more than a pleasure to photograph Milo, who at 4 and a half weeks was pushing it in the newborn category, but he was perfect. He had the most perfect big eyes that looked right at me, and we was clearly enamoured with everything going on around him! What a sweetie. Only after a long session of being adorable and sleepy looking - eyes open and shut - did he finally drift off to sleep. Jess and Ernesto - great to see you again, and I'm so glad you are enjoying little Milo!2011_alvarez-spence_087-web blog_milo1 2011_alvarez-spence_025-web 2011_alvarez-spence_055-web 2011_alvarez-spence_066-web 2011_alvarez-spence_068-web blog_milo2 2011_alvarez-spence_076-web 2011_alvarez-spence_116-web 2011_alvarez-spence_125-web 2011_alvarez-spence_138-web 2011_alvarez-spence_202-web blog_milo4 2011_alvarez-spence_214-web 2011_alvarez-spence_234-web blog_milo3 2011_alvarez-spence_279-web 2011_alvarez-spence_252-web

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