The more the merrier! : toronto & copenhagen family photography

Last session of my whirlwind trip to Toronto - and it was a whirlwind session in itself! Lots of very happy, excited children, and tons of energy in every room of the house! Cousins, grandparents, uncles and aunts, in-laws and the whole bit - this was a bit of a family reunion celebrating a special birthday (Hope you had a good one Geri!!). Thanks Robin - it was a pleasure to meet your beautiful family! 2011_cory_600-web 2011_cory_638-web 2011_cory_634-web 2011_cory_731-web 2011_cory_691-web 2011_cory_716-web blog_cory1 2011_cory_683-web 2011_cory_754-web 2011_cory_744-web 2011_cory_766-web 2011_cory_833_crop-web 2011_cory_788-web 2011_cory_1150-web 2011_cory_970-web 2011_cory_851-web 2011_cory_1037-web 2011_cory_1099-web 2011_cory_1052-web 2011_cory_1088-web 2011_cory_996-web 2011_cory_1096-web blog_cory2 2011_cory_1130-web 2011_cory_1144-web

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