Three : toronto & copenhagen newborn photography

Three-day old Aaron - number three for Sarah and David - third session of the day on my three day weekend in Toronto - and we started at 3:30pm!!! Numbers aside, it was a pleasure to spend the afternoon with this family. Sarah, the experienced mom, was so relaxed and little Aaron cooperated beautifully. Big sister for the second time, Maya was super helpful, and even showed me her new camera! Josh, new big brother, let us coax some smiles out too! Thanks for a fun afternoon!2011_goel_208-web 2011_goel_205-web 2011_goel_187-web blog_goel1 2011_goel_134-web 2011_goel_150-web 2011_goel_146-web 2011_goel_153-web 2011_goel_311-web 2011_goel_299-web 2011_goel_300-web blog_goel3 2011_goel_396-web 2011_goel_381-web 2011_goel_077-web blog_goel2 2011_goel_094-web 2011_goel_129-web 2011_goel_242-web 2011_goel_250-web 2011_goel_221-web 2011_goel_444-web 2011_goel_458-web