Beautiful smile : toronto & copenhagen children's photography

Sunday morning dawned wet and rainy but Hailey didn't let that stop the smiles! She was shy at first but once we started playing we had such a great time! Hailey and Lamb showed me how to dance, how to crawl through a tunnel, how to play hide and seek and how to run around in the rain. Hailey's going to be a big sister soon and no doubt her little sibling will be in good hands with such a great big sis! It was lovely to meet you Mike and Meghan - thanks for having me come over to play!2011_jackson_157-web blog_jackson3 blog_jackson2 2011_jackson_238-web blog_jackson1 2011_jackson_083-web 2011_jackson_041-web 2011_jackson_102-web blog_jackson4 2011_jackson_298-web 2011_jackson_314-web 2011_jackson_352-web blog_jackson5 blog_jackson6 2011_jackson_389-web 2011_jackson_432-web 2011_jackson_436-web 2011_jackson_474-web 2011_jackson_470-web 2011_jackson_480-web