Giraffe : toronto & copenhagen family photography

Oh Henry! Happy first birthday! Hope you enjoyed your giraffe cake - we all had fun watching you find your away around the yummy chocolate cake, showing your cake smashing experience! We had a fun session - walking down to the beach and back and playing in your room! Thanks Tara and Mark for having me come over to capture Henry's birthday celebration!2011_luzod_142-web 2011_luzod_128-web 2011_luzod_133-web 2011_luzod_060-web 2011_luzod_051-web blog_luz4 2011_luzod_018-web blog_luz3 2011_luzod_080-web 2011_luzod_088-web 2011_luzod_117-web 2011_luzod_113-web 2011_luzod_191-web 2011_luzod_203-web 2011_luzod_290-web 2011_luzod_308-web 2011_luzod_336-web 2011_luzod_347-web 2011_luzod_415-web 2011_luzod_460-web 2011_luzod_479-web blog_luz1 2011_luzod_504-web blog_luz2 2011_luzod_246-web