Cheeks : toronto & copenhagen baby photography

Big brown eyes and big huge cheeks - humongous cute factor! Little Campbell was a pleasure to spend the afternoon with. We couldn't go outside because of the pouring rain, but we had fun anyway, working on Campbell's sitting up skills and big smiles. Laurena and Tim - it was great to meet you! Here's your sneak-peek!blog_t&lsmith5 2011_t&lsmith_051-web 2011_t&lsmith_047-web blog_t&lsmith4 2011_t&lsmith_068-web 2011_t&lsmith_128-web 2011_t&lsmith_141-web 2011_t&lsmith_183-web 2011_t&lsmith_157-web 2011_t&lsmith_155-web 2011_t&lsmith_325-web 2011_t&lsmith_338-web blog_t&lsmith1 2011_t&lsmith_372-web 2011_t&lsmith_242-web 2011_t&lsmith_238-web 2011_t&lsmith_263-web blog_t&lsmith2