Foggy morning : toronto & copenhagen children's photography

Yay!!! I had a great trip to Canada last weekend and conquered the unrelenting fog and rain to have 8 great photo sessions packed into 3 days. Every session was fun and everyone was wonderful - including a three-day new baby, a few sets of grandparents, and all ages in between! It was so successful I am planning to repeat the offer of a trip to Toronto at the end of October.... stay tuned for details!First up in the sneak-peeks is Connor - this is one talented 1-year old who already has 4 months of walking under his belt! He demonstrated his walking skills for me on the grass, on the beach and on the sidewalk, and even up the steps of his new house! He was also overjoyed to be thrown repeatedly up into the air by his daddy - thanks Chi - I hope your arms have recovered! Great to meet you all Danielle and Chi - hope the sun has come out in Toronto and that gray skies have not chased you back to the sunny south quite yet... 2011_c&dsmith_239-web 2011_c&dsmith_199-web 2011_c&dsmith_203-web 2011_c&dsmith_238-web 2011_c&dsmith_252-web blog_c&dsmith1 2011_c&dsmith_381-web blog_c&dsmith3 2011_c&dsmith_005-web 2011_c&dsmith_042-web 2011_c&dsmith_033-web blog_c&dsmith2 2011_c&dsmith_418-web 2011_c&dsmith_506-web