Sunshine : toronto & copenhagen children's photography

I love it when the sun shines down on a photography session! Everything comes to life in brilliant colour. These little kids came to life too, seeing the session as a great opportunity to romp in the garden - replete with slide, swings, ball-sets, plastic tea set and dog - and also an opportunity to earn not one, but TWO popsicles each! Thanks William and Elizabeth - you were wonderful models - and thanks Danielle and Paul - for having me spend the afternoon with you!2011_lake_025-web 2011_lake_011-web blog_lake3 2011_lake_486-web 2011_lake_471-web 2011_lake_466-web 2011_lake_101-web blog_lake2 2011_lake_159-web blog_lake1 2011_lake_167-web 2011_lake_176-web 2011_lake_225-web 2011_lake_543-web 2011_lake_550-web 2011_lake_273-web 2011_lake_301-web 2011_lake_344-web 2011_lake_216-web 2011_lake_218-web blog_lake4 2011_lake_684-web 2011_lake_630-web 2011_lake_691-web