Ode to a special place : toronto & copenhagen portrait photography

A few special memories from Lilo in her Easter best. Out for a stroll in Ontario's rural country. A special goodbye to this little piece of earth, on this, the eve of it's selling. May it's new owners enjoy it and live as many wonderful memories there as we did!2010_lilo&hans_031-web blog_lilo3 2010_lilo&hans_119-web 2010_lilo&hans_108-web 2010_lilo&hans_066-web 2010_lilo&hans_065-web 2010_lilo&hans_124-web 2010_lilo&hans_134-web blog_lilo2 2010_lilo&hans_152-web 2010_lilo&hans_263-web 2010_lilo&hans_220-web blog_lilo1 2010_lilo&hans_297-web