Sofa : toronto & copenhagen baby photography

Little Leo just moved to Copenhagen a few weeks ago - and he's already gotten the hang of hanging out in his Copenhagen white apartment on his Copenhagen white sofas! This little cherub was such a sweetheart - lots of smiles before he eventually drifted off in mom's arms mid-session. Thanks Kate and Peter - it was great to meet you! Welcome to town and hope to see you out in the bike lanes soon!2011_EgbeFletcher_066-web 2011_EgbeFletcher_064-web 2011_EgbeFletcher_035-web 2011_EgbeFletcher_053-web blog_egbe1 blog_egbe2 2011_EgbeFletcher_213-web 2011_EgbeFletcher_222-web 2011_EgbeFletcher_189-web 2011_EgbeFletcher_453-web 2011_EgbeFletcher_450-web 2011_EgbeFletcher_255-web blog_egbe3 2011_EgbeFletcher_261-web 2011_EgbeFletcher_109-web 2011_EgbeFletcher_150-web blog_egbe4