Beach & Park : toronto & copenhagen children's photography

A pleasure to meet up with this family once again - the weather was warmer than last time, the sun was shining and the little guy was happy! I'm so glad spring has arrived in Copenhagen. Even since this session a couple of weeks ago the brown has turned to green, the jackets hung up in the storage closets and the sunglasses dug up from the bottom of the drawer. Bring it on! Thanks again Alexandra and Robert and Lucas! (And the anonymous skinny dipper who momentarily interrupted our session on the dock at Bellevue Beach... - I would post a picture but this is not an x-rated blog!)blog_urrweb1 blog_urrweb2 2011_urregowebster_723-web 2011_urregowebster_689-web 2011_urregowebster_859-web 2011_urregowebster_807-web 2011_urregowebster_671-web 2011_urregowebster_745-web 2011_urregowebster_640-web 2011_urregowebster_655-web 2011_urregowebster_648-web 2011_urregowebster_416-web 2011_urregowebster_353-web 2011_urregowebster_591-web

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