Easter Party! : toronto & copenhagen family photography

Another wonderful LINK party! Bag, egg and cookie decorating, a lovely Easter Egg Hunt and lots of fun and games! I wandered around casually taking photos, but mostly enjoying the party, the yummy food and my little guy's excitement!A few snaps below, but there is AN ENTIRE GALLERY!!! here. Parents: please feel free to email me if you would like any of the photos in the gallery emailed to you - I am happy to share! Just let me know the number of the image in the gallery as it appears under the photo. I can also arrange for professional prints. My apologies if you were at the party and I didn't get a photo of you child. 2011_LINKEasterParty_155-web 2011_LINKEasterParty_046-web 2011_LINKEasterParty_176-web 2011_LINKEasterParty_070-web blog_linkeasterparty1 2011_LINKEasterParty_119-web 2011_LINKEasterParty_044-web blog_linkeasterparty2