Bright : toronto & copenhagen baby photography

Oh how I love the typical Copenhagen home and apartment, painted white on every wall, with the sun streaming through the windows. Light just bathes everything into brightness. Add to that the sweetest little girl who just learned to sit up, and this was one brilliant photo session! Can't wait to watch this little one grow - already looking forward to next time! Thanks Ruth and Pim - Sofia has the greatest smile!2011_mottram-bussink1_043-web 2011_mottram-bussink1_029-web 2011_mottram-bussink1_088-web 2011_mottram-bussink1_080-web blog_bm1 2011_mottram-bussink1_163-web 2011_mottram-bussink1_200-web blog_bm3 2011_mottram-bussink1_372-web 2011_mottram-bussink1_377-web 2011_mottram-bussink1_413-web 2011_mottram-bussink1_403-web 2011_mottram-bussink1_436-web 2011_mottram-bussink1_468-web 2011_mottram-bussink1_651-web 2011_mottram-bussink1_612-web 2011_mottram-bussink1_568-web blog_bm2 2011_mottram-bussink1_706-web