Den lille havefrue, min lille abe : toronto & copenhagen photography

Copenhagen is famous for it's little mermaid, but my little monkey captures quite a bit of attention himself, tottering around the city's tourist attractions wearing his Baby-Banz! It was on a sunny Saturday (of which we have had FIVE in a row! with a sixth in the forecast for tomorrow!!) that we embraced the tourist vibe and cycled out to see the Little Mermaid, back from her sojourn to Shanghai for the World Expo. She is relatively small, well 'lifesize' really, and sits on a rock just offshore. For some reason, there are some Copenhagenites who loathe her and every now and then deface her in some way: September 1, 1961: Bra & knickers were painted on her and her hair was painted red April 28, 1963: The Mermaid was covered in red paint April 24, 1964: The Mermaid was decapitated July 15, 1976: The Mermaid was covered in paint July 22, 1984: The right arm of the Mermaid was cut off August 5, 1990: Another attempt was made to decapitate her January 6, 1998: The Mermaid was decapitated September 11, 2003: The Mermaid was not on her stone in the morning. Later she was found in the water blasted off her stone! 2004: The Mermaid was draped in a burka as a statement against Turkey joining the European Union. March 8, 2006: A dildo was attached to the Mermaid's hand, green paint was dumped over it, and the words March 8 were written on it. It is suspected that this vandalism has something to do with International Women's Day (which is on March 8). March 3, 2007: The Mermaid was again covered with pink paint. May 2007: The Mermaid was covered with paint by vandals. May 20, 2007: The Mermaid was found draped in a Muslim dress and head scarf.

I don't really understand this - that some people would have such strong feelings about something so innocuous. Unless perhaps it is actually a statement about the tale of the Little Mermaid written by infamous Dane Hans Christian Andersen, or even about Disney's portrayal of the story... Or maybe the poor little thing is simply a scapegoat for larger issues in Copenhagen and in Denmark as a whole. Hmmm...

Anyway, she made a nice photo study before we went on to wander through Kastellet and visit Saint Alban's Anglican Church. Enjoy!

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