Head and shoulders, knees and toes.. and hands! : toronto & copenhagen children's photography

I_Heart_Faces_noborder_125x100This week's 'i heart faces' weekly photo challenge comes at a bit of a funny time for me. First because my little guy just started music and movement class here in Copenhagen. It is run by a British woman and mostly attended by expats from the UK - and I've discovered that many of our old favourite children's songs - like 'Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes' have different tunes and slightly different words! I will have to learn them all over again! Also the 'Hokey-pokey', 'Sleeping bunnies', 'Zoom, zoom, zoom', etc.

It's also funny timing because I have just updated my portfolio and all of my online galleries (look at them here!) and have marvelled at how I seem to have a foot fetish when it comes to photography! So I assumed when I saw the theme of this week's challenge I would have no problem choosing a foot picture - but in the end I chose these hands - a wonderful client from last summer making a special connection with her little one. I love that you can just see their faces too... And what on earth is she hiding in her hands???


BTW, for those not in the know, i heart faces is an online photographer's community (check out the site at www.iheartfaces.com).