.... aaaannnnddd it's 2019. Time for something different.

Ok - I’m really not sure how that happened - how it suddenly became 2019. I haven’t blogged since August last year and I didn’t even realize it until my mom pointed it out over the Christmas holidays. She asked me if I was still shooting. HECK YES! I was pretty surprised actually - somehow I didn’t feel that busy between August and now (except for in November - November was silly), but in some strange way I guess I just forgot about blogging. Is that bad? I’m not sure.

But what I DO know is that I would like to use my blog differently this year. Maybe that’s why I inadvertently took a break - I was tired of sharing nearly nothing but my wonderful client sessions. I would like to share more about my craft, entrepreneurship, motherhood, entrepreneurship AND motherhood together, running, beekeeping, new cottage ownership, being an introvert in a job where extroverts do better, my new favourite way of healthfully feeding my family dinner, vegetarianism, cargo bikes, going to the gym everyday, etc. I want to share and discuss what YOU want to read and discuss.

What do YOU want to read and discuss? What ‘content’ matters to you - what can I tell you that you won’t just scroll past? I’d love your thoughts. Please comment below or reach out in some way - I’d love to answer your burning questions or seek your answers from my little world over here.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with the winter fun we had at the cottage over the holidays. Including a very rare photo of me! LOL.