Fresh air nap : copenhagen & toronto baby photography

Here's sweet little Jasmine, bundled up warmly in her sweater, ready to go outside for her nap! Very matter of factly here in Denmark, babies take their naps in their oversized strollers outside - even in very sub-freezing temperatures. Even if they haven't happened to have fallen asleep while in their pram while out for a walk, mom (or dad - whoever happens to be on parental leave!) will purposefully bundle them up in their buggy and pop them out on the balcony, sidewalk, courtyard, wherever, for a snooze! A lovely article about this 'phenomenom', written by New Yorker Anastasya Partan, is here - a fun little read for foreign mom's in Denmark!Anyhow, Jasmine is such a cutie - thanks Ann-Marie and Helgi for a lovely afternoon and letting take some snaps of your little sweetheart! 2011_cph_00302-web 2011_cph_00304-web 2011_cph_00305-web