LIVING in Denmark : copenhagen & toronto photography

The vast majority of the travel photos I have taken in my life are people-less and often feature great landmarks or depictions of important cultural aspects, but life is different now and I find most of my pictures from this most recent sojourn to Denmark DO have people in them! Especially the little guy. Plus, we are LIVING in Copenhagen, not just touristing, so we get up to 'normal' everyday things, like strolling in our local park on the weekends. We also took a weekend trip south in Denmark to an island called Moen, where we really just puttered around. Here is a wee collection of photos from LIVING in Denmark.2010_cph_0800-web 2010_cph_0784-web 2010_cph_0796-web 2010_cph_0815-web blog_cph3 2010_cph_1085-web blog_cph4 2010_cph_0986-web 2010_cph_0973-web 2010_cph_1002-web 2010_cph_0999-web 2010_cph_0997-web