Love love love love love : toronto & copenhagen children's photography

I have to admit it - I've got the winter blues! This is such a drab and slow time of year - business slows right down in these northern climes - especially with me in new environs - and while I savour the time to catch up and muck about on my blog and website, etc., I miss having a packed schedule of sessions, meeting wonderful new families and seeing clients I've seen before. I know, however, that as spring blossoms, I'll be running arond like mad again! But part of the catch up is finding sessions that never made it onto my blog - and here was a fun one full of love love love love love love love!!! A stroll around Belfountain Conservation Area on a lovely Saturday afternoon in July. Unfortunately the walk involved Hannah taking a tumble and scraping a knee, but hey, that's part of being 6, right? Didn't stop flowers from being picked, ice cream from being enjoyed and Jared from making funny mugs for the camera. Thanks Andrew and Sandra for submitting your family to an afternoon of modeling! Looking forward to seeing you on this side of the pond very very soon! blog_belf2 2010_belfountain_092-web 2010_belfountain_009-web 2010_belfountain_012-web 2010_belfountain_013-web 2010_belfountain_023-web 2010_belfountain_020-web blog_belf1 blog_belf3 2010_belfountain_240-web 2010_belfountain_198-web 2010_belfountain_220-web 2010_belfountain_163-web 2010_belfountain_178-web 2010_belfountain_176-web 2010_belfountain_182-web