Proper nutrition : toronto & copenhagen headshots

Have been waiting to post these pics until Anne launched her new website for her sports nutrition planning and counseling business - and at last she has! This is one dedicated woman - training like a mad woman to successfully rise to the top in her sport of cycling, all the while being passionate about living life to the fullest. I love it! Thanks Anne for coming to me for your photos - I was really happy to see you again and had a great time shooting in the park. Best of luck in the biz!2010_anneguzman_385-web 2010_anneguzman_386-web blog_anne1 2010_anneguzman_106-web 2010_anneguzman_267-web 2010_anneguzman_062-web 2010_anneguzman_037-web 2010_anneguzman_011-web 2010_anneguzman_053-web 2010_anneguzman_334-web 2010_anneguzman_342-web 2010_anneguzman_427-web

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