Two-tier cake : toronto & copenhagen baby photography

This session marks Gigi's graduation from h2o photography's 'Here I Grow' baby's first year program - remember her here and here? We celebrated in style with a gorgeous two-tiered cake inspired by mom and brought to reality by my very talented Leslieville baker Lynda (thanks to all!) Smiles were a little hard won this time around but we got them in the end (thanks Ari!) - love the ones in the white winter coat and the purple party shirt - ever the fashionista, that Gigi! Love it. So what's next little girl - can I see you next summer at your 18 month milestone!?!? :O)2011_aronson-charette3_309-web 2011_aronson-charette3_310-web 2011_aronson-charette3_301-web 2011_aronson-charette3_285-web 2011_aronson-charette3_300-web 2011_aronson-charette3_324-web 2011_aronson-charette3_146-web 2011_aronson-charette3_138-web 2011_aronson-charette3_137-web 2011_aronson-charette3_152-web blog_ac2 2011_aronson-charette3_196-web 2011_aronson-charette3_207-web blog_ac1 2011_aronson-charette3_050-web 2011_aronson-charette3_065-web 2011_aronson-charette3_110-web 2011_aronson-charette3_019-web blog_ac4 2011_aronson-charette3_423-web 2011_aronson-charette3_460-web 2011_aronson-charette3_505-web 2011_aronson-charette3_543-web 2011_aronson-charette3_551-web blog_ac3