Football fan : toronto & copenhagen baby photography

Remember this little guy? He's a whopping 6 months old now and as cute as ever with his luscious eyes and dark curls - it was so great to see him again! First we played by the window, then we got in some family shots, followed by posing in favourite football team jerseys and hats. A couple of shots in the crib and we were ready to go outside... until... Connor fell fast-asleep, signalling the end of our session. Now that is what I call model fatigue! Thanks again Aimee and Martin - I'm very much looking forward to celebrating Connor's first birthday with you all!BTW: Make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom of the post for some outtakes!!! No doubt Connor will be an accomplished 'sitter' very soon! blog_ch-huf5 2010_cheney-hufana_030-web 2010_cheney-hufana_071-web 2010_cheney-hufana_092-web 2010_cheney-hufana_082_crop1-web 2010_cheney-hufana_389-web 2010_cheney-hufana_401-web blog_ch-huf1 2010_cheney-hufana_453-web blog_ch-huf4 2010_cheney-hufana_193-web 2010_cheney-hufana_253-web 2010_cheney-hufana_294-web 2010_cheney-hufana_311-web 2010_cheney-hufana_345-web blog_ch-huf3 2010_cheney-hufana_426-web 2010_cheney-hufana_415-web And last but not least - the blooper reel...: blog_ch-huf2

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