Party of 8 : toronto & copenhagen family photography

Last photo session of 2010! And I got to shoot in my favourite part of Toronto - where I happen to also live - the Beach. Love the boardwalk, the water, the trees, the air, the light... And it was my pleasure to meet a wonderful family who were all reunited for Christmas time. We spent some time inside then outside - all the while delighted by 1 year old Andrew. Andrew made everyone smile - which was good because none of them succumbed to my attempts to make them laugh with my bad jokes (everyone who knows me knows I only have 2 jokes, both, coincidentally, about fish). Anyhow, thanks Danielle and crew - it was fun! Here's your sneak peek...2010_caira_649-web2 2010_caira_534-web2 2010_caira_608_crop1-web 2010_caira_619-web 2010_caira_626-web 2010_caira_632-web2 blog_caira2 2010_caira_660-web 2010_caira_143-web 2010_caira_198-web 2010_caira_204-web 2010_caira_218-web 2010_caira_223-web 2010_caira_091-web 2010_caira_092-web blog_caira1 2010_caira_286-web 2010_caira_437-web 2010_caira_287-web 2010_caira_408-web

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