Santa comes to town! : copenhagen children's photography

We had a wonderful time at the LINK children's Christmas party last Sunday! Thanks to the organizers - super fun crafts, activities and games and yummy snacks! It was a first for Amory, and he really enjoyed the carols most (the balloons too). He was a little leary of the man in the red hat though...I took some photos at the party of children on Santa's lap, as well as a smattering of random snapshots. The GALLERY is here - please take a look! If anyone from the party would like to have any of the photos emailed to them, please send me an email ( and identify the photos you want by the file number (the three digits near the end of the file name shown under the photo). I sincerely apologize for any children I didn't get a photo of! I can also arrange for professional prints if anyone is interested. A few of my faves below - you can see I really love the little ones gazing seriously at Santa being bashful, or wondering what to ask for, or wondering just who the heck this jolly round red man is! 2010_1212-xmasparty_075-web 2010_1212-xmasparty_087-web 2010_1212-xmasparty_052-web 2010_1212-xmasparty_065-web 2010_1212-xmasparty_128-web 2010_1212-xmasparty_004-web 2010_1212-xmasparty_021-web