A snowy day : copenhagen & toronto family photography

The word is out - I'm spending a lot of time this coming year in Copenhagen, Denmark and am excited to tote my camera around with me wherever I go! Somewhat uncharacteristically, northern Europe has received a dumping of snow, but that didn't stop me from excitedly meeting my first client on this side of the pond! And indeed shooting my first snowy shoot of the season.... Yay for snow! We met at the eastern most entry way to beautiful and expansive Frederiksberg Have on the west side of Copenhagen, where Christmas spirit was already burgeoning with a seasonal skating rink, carolling buskers and general festivity as it seemed everyone in the neighbourhood was out for a stroll, jog, or toboggan! Play time in the park - Lucas enjoyed eating snow (!!), keeping balloons afloat and feeding the ducks. Thanks Alexandra and Robert for a fun session - and to be continued! Here are my favourites from the morning....

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