Smiles : toronto newborn photography

I just LOVE it when I get a smile out of a newborn baby. Ok, ok, I KNOW it's just wind, but I can pretend they smile because they are truly happy and comfy and cosy, can't I? :O) I believe little Jill really was happy and comfy and cosy on this, her one-week birthday. She was so sweet and perfect - asleep for a time and awake for a time - her eyes glancing around taking it all in. I had a lot of fun with this little one! Robin - thanks for having me over to capture Jill's perfection - grandma was right, one day she will love to have these pictures of herself!2010_jillkj_144-web blog_jkj4 2010_jillkj_078-web 2010_jillkj_093-web 2010_jillkj_218-web 2010_jillkj_205-web 2010_jillkj_213-web 2010_jillkj_165_BW-web 2010_jillkj_174_BW-web blog_jkj3 2010_jillkj_100_BW-web 2010_jillkj_109-web 2010_jillkj_116-web 2010_jillkj_068-web blog_jkj1 2010_jillkj_055-web 2010_jillkj_046-web blog_jkj2 2010_jillkj_013_BW-web 2010_jillkj_069_BW-web