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SUCH a fun time with these great kids on a Saturday morning, with a kite festival to boot! We started out wandering down the beach, running, digging, and marveling at the flying kites. Then a bit of climbing on the lifeguard towers before heading to the greenspace where Eli and Finley showed us how well they could each jump off rocks, run around obstacle courses and balance on picnic tables! Little Poppy tried some jumping too - don't worry Poppy! You'll catch up soon! Stephanie and Darrell, thanks for a wonderful morning - you and your family were a pleasure to meet!2010_hurst_007-web 2010_hurst_043-web blog_hur1 blog_hur2 blog_hur3 2010_hurst_087-web 2010_hurst_743-web 2010_hurst_747-web blog_hur6 2010_a-hurst_868-web 2010_hurst_153_crop-web 2010_hurst_144-web 2010_hurst_109-web 2010_hurst_174-web 2010_hurst_186-web 2010_hurst_204-web blog_hur4 2010_hurst_281-web 2010_hurst_285-web 2010_hurst_372-web 2010_hurst_482-web 2010_hurst_423-web blog_hur5 2010_hurst_542-web 2010_hurst_554-web 2010_hurst_520-web 2010_hurst_565-web 2010_hurst_633-web 2010_hurst_731-web 2010_hurst_735-web

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