Heartbeat : toronto newborn photography

Little Linden, only six days old, was a snuggly little guy - loved being warm and swaddled - can't blame him! So it took some convincing to get him ready for the camera, but the images speak for themselves - he is absolutely adorable! The convincing came partially in the form of the noise machine that Mom and Dad pulled out - vacuum cleaners and womb sounds helped a little, but once we turned the setting to heartbeat, he was happy. Reminded him of Mom and a rhythmic thumping he was so accustomed to only one week ago! When I left, he was back in Mom's arms snuggled up to the real heartbeat again... hopefully drifting back to sleep.... Thanks Tanya and Don for letting me meet Linden - it was a pleasure.2010_linden_025-web 2010_linden_012-web 2010_linden_019-web 2010_linden_015-web blog_lmac2 blog_lmac1 2010_linden_024-web 2010_linden_038-web 2010_linden_081-web 2010_linden_074-web 2010_linden_093-web 2010_linden_095-web 2010_linden_098-web blog_lmac3 2010_linden_109_crop-web 2010_linden_063-web